In the Community

Advocates March and Petition to Restore Rodney Square Bus Hub in Wilmington Delaware where the people are fighting back against exclusion and classist discrimination. 

Buses were rerouted in Decmber to remove the "undesirable" city population

We are close to reaching 3000 Signatures!

Black Lives Matter Coloring Books

The Black Lives Matter Coloring Book By D. Marque Hall

In order to teach more people (young and still learning) all of D. Marque Hall's History Coloring Books starting with his first "Black Lives Matter" are COMING SOON to Amazon.

D's books include the Woman of Consequence, Black Patriots, Afrakan Queens, Black Is Beautiful and the We Are All Remarkable Coloring Books.


Blacks are Patriots II

Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Henry Johnson aka "Black Death"

We are celebrating Black War heroes from the revolutionary war up until now and beyond at the grand opening of the state of the art Pearl Center for Homeless Veterans on Walnut St. October 6th!

D will debut a new book about more Black Patriots, featuring Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, Henry Johnson aka "Black Death"

Athlete, Activist, Artist, Author

And Entrepreneur... The Founder & Creative Leader of is Golden Gloves Champion Boxer and Board of Director Athlete Representative D. Marque Hall.

D is an outspoken Community Activist and Organizer as well as an Athlete with a passion for Fine Black Art and Culture

Inspire Black Greatness

Fine Black Art Now Available! 

We Need Your Help!

It's been a struggle but we shall continue to provide great service and continue this mission of Inspiring Black Greatness with your support!

Every donation counts. A web made by one thousand little spiders can snare a lion. One million can take down an elephant and we dont wont to capture or capitalize on anything but your interests and provoke your spirit with 

Fine Black Art.