The Black Lives Matter Coloring Book for Adults and Advanced Adolescents

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Leading up to the 20th Anniversary of the Million man march I drew a large picture of historical figures and unarmed people who were murdered by animals operated by hate.

I turned that picture of the 100+ individuals, that I drew marching, into a coloringbook which includes a story about each individual and their remarkable story. Everyone is someone Remarkable holding onto what makes them Remarkable. 

Trayvon Martin is only holding onto Skittles and Arizona Tea. Dr. King is holding onto his faith. Mike Brown is holding onto his Diploma. Betty Shabazz is holding onto her dignity. Assata Shakur is holding onto her freedom. Angela Davis is holding onto her power. Ezelle Ford is holding onto his sanity. Huey P. Newton is holding onto his rifle. This book is a tool to spread awareness.

All funds are used to advocate for the unarmed victims of police killings. May they rest in peace. Please pray for all of their and our collective families. We are all family.