I made a petition for Yahim Harris to be released and for Officer McColl to be stripped of his badge. He deserves to be locked away where Yahim is right now! We gonna hit the streets with pen and paper too. I don't know what else to do at this point. We gotta share this.


We want justice for Yahim Harris and his family. The 18 year old was shot by a killer cop in Wilmington Delaware named James McColl.

McColl said Yahim was armed and threatening him but video surveillance shows different. McColl is used to video evidence being used against him because he has shot and killed in the past and it was caught on cellphone video.

In 2015 James McColl shot and killed Jeremy McDole in his wheelchair after telling the paraplegic to put his hands up several times. The Wilmington police department claimed they found a gun on the scene but no gun was recorded in the video.

The same holds true in Yahim's case. Wilmington Police claimed to have found a gun under the car Yahim was running from but no gun is seen on the video or in snapshots taken from the video.

The Delaware Department of Justice ruled in James McColl's favor anyway- saying that both these shootings were justifiable because he felt like his life was in danger. He is still serving with a badge and a gun and Yahim Harris sits in a jail cell during his senior year of high school facing a gun charge for a gun that does not have any of his DNA on it.

Yahim has bullet holes in his chest and armpit area. He put his hands up and wanted to give up running from the cops but when he turned around he was shot down.

James McColl's badge must be stripped for the safety of our community and Yahim must be released. We must DEMAND that Delaware's first term Attorney General Kathy Jennings Do the Right Thing! 

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