I AM because WE ARE...
~this is an Afrakan Proverb~
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D. Marque Hall Pub./ 
Certified Minority Business Enterprise Proudly based in the First State of Delaware
For books order here or for bulk orders and bulk discounts for schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations and movements email or call 302-354-1700 to talk to our Founder and Creative Leader Davon "D" Marque Hall personally. His Instagram is @iamblackamerica and he can also be reached on LinkedIn and Twitter 
Here is a link to his YouTube and his newly revised end of all diets book. He is a survivor or Trauma, Depression and Obesity. He gives thanks to God and The 6 O'clock Diet for saving him. He is also available to speak about homelessness, his advocacy for poor people and his journey to become a successful boxer, artist, author and entrepreneur.
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Keep up the GOOD fight!
To Inspire Black Greatness and the help ALL of the Most Vulnerable Everyday.
That is Our Mission.
That is Our Vision.
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