The Women of Consequence Coloring Book

The Women of Consequence Coloring Book with drawing pages

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This coloring book is a mirror and not a window to HERstory. It is tangible and so relatable because of the University of Delaware dancers who act out The Women of Consequence play.

In this play these young scholarly empresses dance out the lives of the African American abolitionist women who participated in the "Colorored Conferences" up until the Civil War, where they advocated and planned to uproot the system of Chattel slavery here in the United States.

This book was made with photographs taken by Dan Dunlap and was written and illustrated by D. Marque Hall. The abolitionist women portrayed are Mary Ann Shadd Cary, Frances Harper, Harriet Tubman, Harriet Wilson, Harriet Jacobs and Charlotte Forten-Grimke. To learn more about these women I encourage you to buy this book today for this limited time only price. Thank you.