Aretha in A Moment


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The Queen of Soul from Oil. Paper print 12x18 while supplies last (this is a LIMITED edition piece). Artist Unknown



An adaptation of a modern classic by Wishum Gregory by Black Male-Feminist and Fine Black Art Creator D. Marque Hall.

He added Queens like Assata Shakur and Lorraine Hansberry.

Great African American Patriots

Black men and women have served in every North American war with bravery and distinction. We died for this nation's independence FIRST and we must be recognized as the most patriotic people on the planet earth for serving without equal recognition in the history books still. We are changing that story.

Pioneers and Their Wives

The title of this portrait by D. Marque Hall (Fine Black Art Creative Leader) could have been Wives and Their Pioneers to emphasize the need for us to value our pioneering women who often lead and encourage and sometimes protect us. 

They feed us when we're hungry. They visit us when we're in jail like the late Winnie Mandela. They look after our children and raise them up on their own sometimes when we're not there because were out of the home saving the world like Martin Luther King Jr's Coretta and the same goes for Betty Shabazz the late wife of Malcolm X *El Hajj El Malik Shabazz* and Barack's wife Michelle Obama.

These women were with them at Harvard and in the White House, in prison and the parliament, in the church and at the cemetary, at the Mosque and in the Ballroom.

If you notice- the men aren't looking at each other. They're looking inside themselves at their women.