Davon "D" Marque Hall for Wilmington Delaware 3rd District City Councilman

Davon "D" Marque Hall for Wilmington Delaware 3rd District City Councilman

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Why do you want to run?

I want to serve more people & end needless suffering- that is my obligation to my community and to God
To earn respect for myself and my community that deserves better treatment and to prove that all of us are worthy of 2nd chances
For vision of what's happening to the most vulnerable demographics of people in our community who deserve peace & justice

To me health is about giving up what is not needed to replace the unhealthy with the good for ourselves, each other and our environment.

Thinking outside of the box to fix what is wrong inside of broken structures and exclusive systems.

Problem Solver
Coming up with new ideas and connecting more people and resources to fix what's wrong permanently.

3 Impactful Community Efforts

1. Fieldtrips to the National Museum of African American History and Culture on Veterans Day & the Hidden Figures movie trip on Valentines Day.

I organized fieldtrips for youth across the city. Using Kingswood's van for the Hidden Figures trip on Valentine's Day and the Parks & Recreation bus for the NMAAHC trip on Veterans Day.

I'm somebody who believes in transportation egalitarianism (that means equality for all people). I also believe that our stories matter and that when we know our true story we must share it to instill value and inspire Black greatness.

(Each one Teach one)

2. When the National Association of Black Veterans Wilmington Chapter told me that the African American Congressional Medal of Honor statue had been vandalized that was NOT OK and I sprung into action. I made the calls that needed to be made because I am the proud grandson of Veterans on both sides.
- The African American Congressional Medal of Honor statue on 1800 and Baynard was rehabilitated by Memorial Day.

3. Rodney Square- I spearheaded protests and marches as well as meetings with elected officials to Restore Bus Service to Rodney Square, correct DART's overall abuse of riders and improve general conditions at stops. Not only did I exercise my first amendment right to speak and assemble but I petitioned well-over one thousand people.

We were able to get the 2, 6 and 28 buses brought back to Rodney Square and those buses serve very important members of our community including children with special needs going to the Childrens Hospital and Elderly Veterans going to the VA Medical Center on Kirkwood Highway.


Keep up the GOOD Fight!

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