The Original Black Patriots Coloring Book for All Ages
D. Marque Hall (kneeling in front) of representatives from the National Association of Black Veterans and Wilmington City Treasurer Velda Jones-Potter at the African American Congressional Medal of Honor Statue.

The Original Black Patriots Coloring Book for All Ages

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The Original Black Patriots Coloring Book By D. Marque Hall is a story book about the abandoned African American War Heroes, too often, left out of American History and social studies because of racism.

This book includes the first casualty of the Revolutionary War- Crispus Attucks

The first Black General- Benjamin Oliver Davis Sr., his son (the first Black Air force General) Benjamin Oliver Davis Jr.

The first Black Female Soldier- Cathay Williams


Black men and women have served honarablly in every American war. There have been Black Patriots for as long as there have been white ones and this book is recognizing the sacrifice of all of the late, great Black Patriots and veterans (dead and alive). Keep up the GOOD fight!