The We Are All Remarkable Too Coloring Book

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The second human book. This coloring book is dedicated to Matthew Saad Muhammad who was inspired by Muhammad Ali to box and to advocate and fight for those less fortunate.

We Are Going to Knockout Homelessness was his mantra. Everyone in the first We Are All Remarkable Coloring Book is in this one with someone who they inspired or who they were inspired by.

We can all serve and we can all create. This book gives youth an opportunity to start their own Remarkable book. "DRAW SOMEONE WHO INSPIRES YOU TO BE REMARKABLE HERE" is what the top of TWO blank pages at the center of the book, which beg to be drawn on, say. And then on the back cover of the book there is a star for the child to put their name inside. "This book belongs to"... "Your Name Here".. We Are All Remarkable!